Betting Calculators

It can be a tricky and time-consuming task to calculate your sports betting winnings. Juggling the different odds formats and bet types before choosing your wager can be hard work and take some of the fun away. Our experts developed the most accurate betting calculators that make bets more predictable and precise.

Betting Odds Calculator

Use our free betting odds calculators to work out potential winnings before placing your bet! Whether you’re working with American, Fractional, or Decimal odds, simply insert your wager, odds and type of bet (single bet or parlay) and it’ll quickly convert and calculate the payout for your bet.

Tax Calculator

Don't forget to work out the tax on all your winnings. All gambling income is considered taxable by the IRS and needs to be reported on your federal and New York income tax returns. Our handy tax calculator will do all the work - just insert your taxable income, your winnings, and marital status, and our calculator will let you know your taxable amount instantly.

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