Top YouTubers in Boxing

Successful YouTubers in Boxing
Last Updated: 12. Jan 2023.

In recent years, boxing has become an increasingly popular sport worldwide, in part thanks to the influx of celebrities who have decided to pick it up as a hobby. However, most of these have one thing in common – they are all YouTubers! 

Back in 2018, internet stars Joe Weller and KSI began the trend, going head-to-head in the ring. The tickets for the match were sold out and brought in plenty of revenue for the organizers, Copper Box. In fact, there was a combined 20 million viewers, both in person and online.

Nowadays, more and more YouTubers have seen potential in this trend and are following suit, and whilst former boxers such as Mike Tyson say that it's keeping the game alive, others believe it's causing controversy on the scene, being corny and diluting the hard-working professions of many of the traditional boxers. 

Even if there is a divide in opinion among boxing fans, they can't deny how much profit and new supporters YouTubers have brought to boxing, not to mention an increased interest in betting on boxing matches, which has done wonders for the sport.

So let's get ready to rumble, and explore the most prominent YouTubers to have entered the boxing world.

1. Jake Paul

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 20.4 million (YouTube), 21.4 million (Instagram)

Estimated Career Earnings: $38 million (accumulated net worth)

Weight Class: Cruiserweight

Nickname: "The Problem Child"

Fight Record: Amateur (1 win - 0 losses - 0 draws) / Professional (6 wins - 0 losses - 0 draws)

Amateur vs Deji (Aug 25, 2018, Manchester) WIN 

Professional - vs AnEsonGib (Jan 30, 2020, Miami) WIN / vs Nate Robinson (Nov 28, 2020, California) WIN / vs Ben Askren (April 17, 2021, Atlanta) WIN / vs Tyron Woodley (Aug 29, 2021, Ohio) WIN / vs Tyron Woodley (Dec 18, 2021, Florida) WIN / vs Anderson SIlva (Oct 29, 2022, Arizona) WIN

Career Highlights: Jake Paul won his first professional boxing match by knockout against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib. He faced former NBA player Nate Robinson in his second pro fight and won by second-round knockout, becoming the first YouTuber to win a professional boxing match on pay-per-view. 

He then faced former UFC fighter Ben Askren and won by first-round TKO. This fight was a major step forward for his career, as it earned him the biggest payday of his career and further cemented him as a legitimate boxer with mainstream appeal. 

Paul defeated another UFC fighter, Tyron Woodley, by sixth-round knockout in their second fight. Most recently, he defeated legendary UFC fighter, Anderson Silva, knocking him down in the first round of their bout and winning by unanimous decision.

Born: Jan 17, 1997 (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

Bio: Paul began his career in 2013 by posting videos of himself on Vine. By the time this platform was discontinued, he had gained 5.3 million followers, so he decided to launch a YouTube account, where he became known for posting pranks, controversies and producing hip-hop music. 

After accumulating even more subscribers, the Disney Channel hired him to feature on their show, Bizaardvark, but he left midway through the second series to focus on more adult roles.

Combining music with boxing his career, Jake has also released a single titled Champion, which alluded to his rival, Deji Olatunji, a fellow YouTuber. He has since set up an organization called Boxing Bullies, which aims to tackle bullying among children, and has become committed thoroughly to his sporting dreams.

A controversial figure, he has repeatedly called out the likes of UFC President Dana White, accusing him of underpaying his fighters, as well as top UFC fighters such as Conor McGregor, the latter of whom he has challenged to a boxing match on numerous occasions. 

What’s next?: Whilst no new matches for Jake have been announced recently, we can expect to see another coming up soon. He has a long-standing feud with Tommy Fury, a British professional boxer and the half-brother to world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, and many expect them to eventually fight after several cancelations. There has also been recent speculation over a potential fight with Andrew Tate, a former kickboxing world champion turned internet personality, who was banned from several social media platforms for his controversial opinions.

2. KSI (a.k.a. Olajinde Olayinka Williams ‘JJ’ Olatunji)

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 24 million (YouTube), 12.4 million (Instagram)

Estimated Career Earnings: $25 million (accumulated net worth)

Weight Class: Cruiserweight

Nickname: "The Nightmare"

Fight Record: Amateur (1 win - 0 losses - 1 draw) / Professional (3 wins - 0 losses - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs Joe Weller (Feb 3, 2018, London) WIN / vs Logan Paul (Aug 25, 2018, Manchester) DRAW

Professional - vs Logan Paul (Nov 9, 2019, California) WIN / vs Brandon Scott a.k.a. Swarmz (Aug 27, 2022, London) WIN / vs Luis Alcaraz Pineda (Aug 27, 2022, London) WIN 

Career Highlights: KSI defeated Joe Weller in the first amateur boxing match between two YouTube celebrities. He fought fellow YouTuber Logan Paul to a draw in their White Collar Boxing match, then won the rematch, fought at professional level, by split decision. This fight has been recognized for paving the way for YouTubers to enter into professional boxing.

KSI then went on to defeat both British rapper Swarmz (real name Brandon Scott) as well as Mexican boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda by KO on the same night, in an event known as '2 Fights 1 Night'.

Born: June 19, 1993 (London, England, UK)

Bio: KSI is an English YouTuber and rapper who began his online career in 2008 during his teens. The acronym KSI stands for Knowledge Strength Integrity, and he started out by uploading FIFA commentaries whilst playing the game in his bedroom.

Thanks to his rap music, as well as the popular YouTube network The Sidemen, he quickly took the internet by storm and has since been involved in roughly four professional boxing events, though only in very recent years.

What’s next?: KSI has shown a commitment to the boxing scene and is the CEO of boxing promotion company Misfits Boxing. After his most recent appearance in the ring, a victorious KSI called out Slim Albaher, the winner of the Austin McBroom vs. AnEsonGib bout, Andrew Tate, and Tommy Fury. On Nov 19, 2022, it was announced that KSI would take on MMA fighter Dillon Danis in a boxing match scheduled for Jan 14, 2023, at Wembley Stadium. However, Danis pulled out of the fight on Jan 4, 2023, and it was announced that KSI would instead be fighting fellow YouTuber Faze Temperrr.

3. Logan Paul

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 23.6 million (YouTube), 24.5 million (Instagram)

Estimated Career Earnings: $45 million (accumulated net worth) though some sources claim that he earned $17 million in 2021 alone!

Weight Class: Cruiserweight

Nickname: "The Maverick"

Fight Record: Amateur (0 wins - 0 losses - 2 draws) / Professional (0 wins - 1 loss - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs KSI (Aug 25, 2018, Manchester) DRAW / vs Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr (June 6, 2021, Florida) DRAW

Professional - vs KSI (Nov 9, 2019, California) LOSS 

Career Highlights: Logan Paul began his career by fighting long-time rival and now business partner KSI in an amateur bout, resulting in a draw, before losing the rematch at professional level. 

He has since managed a controversial exhibition fight draw with boxing legend Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr!

Born: April 1, 1995 (Westlake, Ohio, USA)

Bio: The older brother of Jake Paul, Logan’s YouTube account similarly accumulated followers through Vine, and his success has been further exacerbated by his appearances on television series such as Weird Loners and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. However, he has also had his fair share of controversies, such as his run-ins with GLAAD and the suicide forest incident. 

Despite these public humiliations, he has rehabilitated his image in recent years and turned his attention to boxing, wrestling and business pursuits.

What’s next?: Logan Paul has moved away from boxing and into the world of professional wrestling, signing on to compete in the WWE. He continues to sign up for new matches and, as of 2022, it appears that he's really found his feet within the sport thanks to his well-received win at SummerSlam. He is inactive at the moment due to a knee injury sustained against Roman Reigns at the WWE Crown Jewel event but his eventual return is expected.

4. Deji Olatunji

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 10.7 million (YouTube), 3.1 million (Instagram)

Estimated Career Earnings: $5 million (accumulated net worth)

Weight Class: Cruiserweight

Nickname: "The Tank"

Fight Record: Amateur (0 wins - 4 losses - 0 draws) / Professional (1 win - 0 losses - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs Jake Paul (Aug 25, 2018, Manchester) LOSS / vs Vinnie Hacker (June 12, 2021, Florida) LOSS / vs Alex Wassabi (March 5, 2022, London) LOSS / vs Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr (Nov 13, 2022, Dubai) LOSS

Professional - vs Fousey (Aug 27, 2022, London) WIN

Career Highlights: Deji began his boxing career with a loss to Jake Paul in 2018 due to a corner stoppage, with his corner throwing in the towel in the sixth round. He returned to the ring to fight TikTok star Vinnie Hacker, losing via TKO, before taking on fellow YouTuber Alex Wassabi in a bout he lost by split decision.

He made his professional boxing debut against Alex Wassabi, earning his first boxing victory with a TKO in the third round. Deji's most recent boxing appearance saw him lose an exhibition fight with Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr, who at this point seems to be intent on taking down the whole of YouTube! Despite this loss, Deji was pleased enough with his performance against the boxing legend, claiming "I gave Floyd a black eye" on Twitter.

Born: December 9, 1996 (London, England, UK)

Bio: Deji Olatunji had always wanted to be a famous UK internet star, and his parents allowed him to follow his dreams after seeing how successful careers in this field could be. 

A smaller YouTuber than some of the rest on this list, he was born in London and built his following with videos on pranks and gaming, as well as a few acting contracts for major broadcasting networks.

As the younger brother of KSI, Deji followed in his brother's footsteps and made the jump from YouTube to the fighting ring. 

He took on his first match against Jake Paul, to whom he lost, but he is debating organizing a rematch against the US star. He also faced off against the legendary Floyd 'Money' Mayweather, losing by TKO in the sixth round.

What’s next?: Deji still continues to engage in fights against big boxing names, with his matches being streamed on the metaverse. We cannot wait to see what else he gets up to in 2023, and who he will be up against next.

5. Slim Albaher (a.k.a. Sulieman Albaher)

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 642,000 (YouTube), 331,000 (Instagram)

Estimated Career Earnings: $3 million (overall net worth)

Weight Class: Middleweight

Nickname: "The Hitman"

Fight Record: Amateur (1 win - 0 losses - 0 draws) / Professional (4 wins - 0 losses - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs Fousey (Sept 29, 2019, London) WIN

Professional - vs N&A (July 30, 2021, Dubai) WIN / vs 3Bidaan (Oct 15, 2021, Dubai) WIN / vs FaZe Temperrr (Aug 27, 2022, London) WIN / vs Ryan Taylor (Oct 15, 2022, Sheffield) WIN

Career Highlights: Slim fought his first ever boxing fight at amateur level, defeating fellow YouTuber Fousey by TKO in the fourth round, after a corner stoppage.

His first professional bout saw him take on another YouTuber, N&A Productions (Amir Fotoohi), in Dubai. Slim won by first-round TKO in forty-four seconds, the fastest stoppage recorded in YouTuber Boxing history. 

Slim has since registered KO victories over both 3Bidaan and FaZe Temperrr, cementing himself as one of the most proficient and dangerous fighters in YouTuber boxing. His most recent victory came against Ryan Taylor, as Slim defeated his fellow YouTuber by unanimous decision.

Born: July 15, 1994 (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Bio: Advertising himself as the ICB and Misfits Boxing champion on his Instagram page, Slim began his YouTube career in 2012 with a daily vlogging channel. 

His posts consist of topics regarding family, faith and sport, alongside pranks and down-to-earth commentaries which have garnered thousands of viewers over the years. 

He has also dabbled in music, releasing the single, Vibe. In 2019, he would step into the ring for the first time against Yusef Erakat (Fousey). The bout took place as part of a charity event to raise money for Yemen, and Slim won convincingly. Since then, he hasn't looked back and currently has a 100% win record in boxing.

What’s next?: Slim makes regular appearances in the ring and has been looking at organizing a fight with rival AnEson Gib for some time. His next fight is set to come against British DJ Tom Zanetti on Jan 14, 2023, on the KSI vs Dilon Danis undercard. Meanwhile, you can keep up to date with his boxing commentary on YouTube, where he continues to post plenty of content.

6. AnEsonGib (a.k.a. Ali Loui Al-Fakhri)

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 2.31 million (YouTube)

Estimated Career Earnings: $1 million (overall net worth)

Fight Record: Amateur (3 wins - 0 losses - 0 draws) / Professional (1 win - 1 loss - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs MaxPlays (Feb 3, 2018, London) WIN / vs Jay Swingler (Aug 25, 2018, Manchester) WIN / vs Tayler Holder (June 12, 2021, Miami) WIN

Professional - vs Jake Paul (Jan 30, 2020, Miami) LOSS / vs Austin McBroom (Sept 10, 2022, California) WIN

Weight Class: Light Heavyweight

Nickname: "Big Gibber"

Career Highlights: AnEsonGib started his amateur boxing career in victorious fashion, defeating fellow YouTuber MaxPlays via second-round TKO. His next fight at amateur level came on the KSI vs Logan Paul undercard in London, where he defeated Jay Swingler by unanimous decision.

Ali lost his first professional fight to "The Problem Child" Jake Paul via a first-round TKO. He bounced back in his next fight, winning an exhibition bout versus TikTok star Tayler Holder via a unanimous decision. 

His most recent fight saw him land a stunning KO in the fourth round against Austin McBroom, as they fought on the main card at an event at the Banc of California Stadium.

Born: July 4, 1996 (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Bio: AnEsonGib is a popular YouTuber who became famous for his FIFA and gaming videos on his official channel. He was born in Yemen but raised in the UK, so he is fluent in Arabic and English. 

By 2019, he had garnered over 750k subscribers, with this number only increasing after he began dabbling in the boxing scene.

Ali’s fame has been attributed to his playing of various games, such as Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V and Rocket League. His ability to branch into various titles has allowed him to venture into more than one community. He has also been ranked one of the best FIFA players in the world due to his wins in multiple tournaments.

In terms of boxing, Ali has beaten MaxPlays and Austin McBroom, but lost to Jake Paul. He sticks to the YouTuber scene and has not ventured out to fight other amateurs, but still shows incredible potential with his skills.

What’s next?: After a recent fight with Austin McBroom, AnEsonGib is set for success with the rest of his fellow internet stars. He has proven to be a strong contender, but it's unlikely that he will face KSI due to ruminations from his friends. Still, this is yet to be confirmed, and we think this would be a truly spectacular match.

7. Wassabi (a.k.a. Alex Burriss)

YouTube Channel 

Subscribers/Followers: 11.4 million (YouTube), 3.3 million (Instagram)

Estimated Career Earnings: $15 million (overall net worth)

Fight Record: Amateur (1 win - 0 losses - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs Deji (March 5, 2022, London) WIN 

Weight Class: Light Heavyweight

Nickname: "Wassabi"

Career Highlights: Wassabi began his boxing career in 2022 and only has one boxing match under his belt so far. This saw him defeat fellow YouTuber Deji by unanimous decision in a five-round amateur bout.

Born: March 28, 1990 (Montana, USA)

Bio: Known for his vlogs and challenge videos, Alex Burriss (commonly known as Alex Wassabi due to his channel formerly called Wasabi Productions) is a YouTuber who began his channel in 2006. The account was originally run by Roi Fabito, but after he left, Alex became the full owner and continues to be active to this day.

Wassabi’s first match was against Deji. After putting countless hours into the gym, he beat his rival in the ring and brought home the victory.

What’s next?: Wassabi is new to the boxing game and does not appear to have any boxing matches scheduled for the future, but you can keep up with his vlogging antics over on his YouTube channel. He currently runs two, including both the original account and his personal Alex Wassabi account.

We recommend following his Instagram page so you can keep up with all of the latest news. Who knows? With the potential he has shown within the sport, he might decide to return to the ring and face another big-name YouTuber soon.

8. Dad (a.k.a. Nathan Barnatt)

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 465,000 (YouTube), 39,000 (Instagram)

Estimated Career Earnings: $1.5 million (overall net worth)

Fight Record: Amateur (1 win - 0 losses - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs Matt Watson (May 14, 2022, Florida) WIN 

Weight Class: Middleweight

Nickname: "Dad"

Career Highlights: Nathan Barnatt has only had one fight so far in his short boxing career. In character as “Dad”, whom he played in the ring, he defeated Matt Watson in an exhibition fight at Creator Clash 2022, landing a TKO in 22 seconds - setting a YouTube boxing record!

Born: February 2, 1981 (Milford, Massachusetts, USA)

Bio: Nathan Barnatt is an American YouTuber who plays self-made comic characters to entertain his audience. He began his career in 2007 by appearing on The Gong Show with Dave Attell and Ghosts/Aliens by Comedy Central. He also developed a show for Adult Swim, which he wrote and created himself. He has since sold pitches to Amazon, Fox and Viceland and has a successful acting career as a comedian.

What’s next?: While there has been little talk of 'Dad' returning to the ring, he has certainly proved to be popular. His 22-second victory against Matt Watson made news worldwide. You can expect to see more appearances from this character over on Nathan’s YouTube channel or an upcoming spinoff creation.

9. Joel ‘JMX’ Morris

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 2.44 million (YouTube), 520,000 (Instagram)

Estimated Career Earnings: $1 million (overall net worth)

Fight Record: Amateur (2 wins - 0 losses - 0 draws) / Professional (1 win - 0 losses - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs Mike Fox (Feb 3, 2018, London) WIN / vs Coach Richard (Aug 25, 2018, Manchester) WIN 

Professional - vs Ginty (Oct 15, 2022, Sheffield) WIN

Weight Class: Cruiserweight

Nickname: "JMX"

Career Highlights: Joel 'JMX' Morris began his boxing career with an amateur level third-round TKO victory over fellow YouTuber Mike Fox on the KSI vs Joe Weller undercard. His next venture in the ring saw him take on Coach Richard, in another amateur bout he won by unanimous decision.

He made his professional boxing debut fighting on the undercard of Jay Swingler vs Cherdleys, defeating British TikTok star Ginty via a brutal third-round KO.

Born: March 2, 1998 (Hertfordshire, England, UK)

Bio: Located in London, JMX is one of the most highly subscribed British YouTube personalities and earns his followers through vlogs, gaming, reaction videos, comedy and pranks, alongside much more, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. He has a brother named Ben, who is also a star on the video-sharing platform, and they grew up together in Milton Keynes. He currently lives in a flat with several other YouTubers.

Standing at a reported 6ft 5inches, his boxing career has been very promising, and he has not failed to win a single match yet. His opponents have included Coach Richard, Joe Weller and Ginty. He has also ventured into the world of professional MMA, defeating Wojciech Gola in 2019.

What’s next?: With matches being scheduled on the regular, we reckon we will be seeing more of Joel in the future. As a young, talented boxer, opponents such as KSI or Logan Paul would be fantastic. His last match was in October of 2022, so we're eagerly awaiting the announcement of more matches in 2023.

10. Jay Swingler

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 1.78 million (YouTube), 834,000 (Twitter)

Estimated Career Earnings: $1.5 million (overall net worth)

Fight Record: Amateur (0 win - 1 loss - 0 draws) / Professional (1 win - 0 losses - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs AnEsonGib (Aug 25, 2018, Manchester) LOSS 

Professional - vs Cherdleys (Oct 15, 2022, Sheffield) WIN

Weight Class: Super Middleweight

Nickname: "Swingler"

Career Highlights: Swingler tasted defeat in his first-ever boxing fight, losing by a unanimous decision against AnEsonGib in an amateur bout.

He fought on the main card on his next and most recent visit to the ring, landing a first-round TKO victory over YouTuber Cherdleys in a match fought at a professional level.

Born: March 17, 1995 (Dudley, England, UK)

Bio: Rising to fame after creating his channel alongside his friend Romell Henry in 2012, Jay was born in Wordsley and began his career as a semi-professional footballer. Even though he originally began streaming video games and doing commentaries, he now spends lots of his time on YouTube posting dares and funny travel videos with his friends. Some of his wacky adventures include the time he was locked in a superstore overnight and snuck into the back of a taxi.

His boxing career has been short, and he has only had two matches since stepping onto the scene. The match he won against Cherdleys was brutal, and he posted a video reacting to this on his channel.

What’s next?: There has been no concrete news of another match as of yet. There were strong rumors of a future bout against FaZe member Thomas "Temperrr" Oliveira, potentially on the undercard of the upcoming KSI vs Dillon Danis even, but these were quashed when Temperrr was announced as Danis' replacement to fight KSI.

Either way, we hope to see him return to the ring soon to deliver another ruthless knockout, but in the meantime, check out his channel to see him doing what he loves most – posting hilarious content for viewers' entertainment.

11. Doctor Mike (a.k.a. Mikhail Varshavski)

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 10 million (YouTube)

Estimated Career Earnings: $2 million per year

Fight Record: Amateur (1 win - 0 loss - 0 draws) / Professional (0 win - 1 loss - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs iDubbbz (May 14, 2022, Florida) WIN

Professional - vs Chris Avila (Oct 29, 2022, Arizona) LOSS

Weight Class: Cruiserweight

Nickname: "Dr. Mike"

Career Highlights: Doctor Mike made his boxing debut with an amateur bout against iDubbbz, defeating his fellow YouTuber over five rounds by unanimous decision.

He then made his professional debut in the ring fighting on the undercard of Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva. He tasted defeat in Arizona, losing to professional MMA fighter Chris Avila via unanimous decision.

Born: November 12, 1989 (Saransk, Russia)

Bio: Mikhail Varshavski has quickly become one of the most famous doctors online. After graduating from university with a degree in medicine and completing his internship, he moved to New York City where he started working as a doctor in emergency rooms around the city. 

Recently, he has even set up his own practice as an emergency room physician at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. He has also starred on many television shows, which helped him garner more followers, such as The Doctors and What Would You Do?

Although these contracts have now ended, Mike continues to review doctor and healthcare films and television series on his YouTube channel, which gain many views. Notably, he has commentated on the accuracy of Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy and The Resident.

He fought iDubbbz in the ring to try out his boxing skills at the Creator Class event, where he won, but lost against Chris Avila during his only professional match.

What’s next?: While we do expect to see Mike back in the ring to face other YouTubers, it is unknown if these are going to be professional or exhibition matches. After his loss against Avila, it is difficult to know if this has affected his confidence, or whether he has decided to stick to his smaller group of YouTube rivals. No matter his choice, however, we know that Dr Mike will always choose his healthcare profession above all else.

12. iDubbbz (a.k.a. Ian Carter)

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 7.68 million (YouTube), 1.2 million (Instagram)

Estimated Career Earnings: $5 million (overall net worth)

Fight Record: Amateur (0 wins - 1 loss - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs Doctor Mike (May 14, 2022, Florida) LOSS

Weight Class: Cruiserweight

Nickname: "Skullcruncher"

Career Highlights: iDubbbz has only made one appearance in the boxing ring so far. He was defeated by fellow YouTuber Doctor Mike at Creator Clash 2022, fighting gamely but ultimately losing the exhibition fight over five rounds via unanimous decision.

Born: July 27, 1990 (San Antonio, Texas, USA)

Bio: Ian Carter a.k.a. iDubbbz is an American YouTuber sensation who started up his channel in 2012. He specializes in social commentary, food reviews, life talks, funny videos and occasionally gaming. 

His comedy series like Content Cop, Bad Unboxing and Kickstarter Crap, have become very popular since their release and continue to entertain his millions of followers on a daily basis. These are what he is best known for, with highlights for each on his channels.

What’s next?: There has been little talk of iDubbbz making a comeback in professional boxing, though he did organize the celebrity charity boxing event Creator Clash in 2022, which was well-received by fans. We can imagine that he will continue to be part of the community and help to put the money earned towards more great causes in the future.

13. Salt Papi (a.k.a. Nathaniel Bustamante)

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 307,000 (YouTube), 400,000 (Instagram), 4.4 million (TikTok)

Estimated Career Earnings: $591K per year

Fight Record: Amateur (1 win - 0 loss - 0 draws) / Professional (1 win - 0 loss - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs Hamad Khan a.k.a. Halal Ham (March 5, 2022, London) WIN

Professional - vs Andy Warski (Aug 27, 2022, London) WIN

Weight Class: Cruiserweight

Nickname: "Busta Breezie"

Career Highlights: Salt Papi began his boxing career in 2022 with an amateur-level win by unanimous decision against YouTuber Halal Ham.

He made his professional debut that same year, beating Andy Warski on the undercard of KSI vs Swarmz, and landed an impressive early KO to take down the Canadian YouTuber and smash the record for the fastest stoppage in YouTube boxing history at 15 seconds.

Born: February 24, 1994 (London, England, UK)

Bio: Filipino born but raised in England, Salt Papi is a video creator who rose to fame through TikTok originally before moving over to YouTube.

He mainly posts boxing videos and funny reaction content, alongside techniques on how to season takeaways with salt by using his shoulder and elbow rather than his wrist - he has been seen using this technique in some of the UK’s popular chain restaurants, like Wetherspoons, Nando’s and Five Guys.

So far, he has only been involved in one professional fight, with Andy Warski. Despite this being Salt Papi's only match in the ring as a pro, he secured the fastest knockout in 15 seconds.

What’s next?: Salt Papi has shown himself to have some boxing talent, and he will be hoping for another victory in his next trip to the ring against Josh Brueckner on the undercard of KSI vs Dillon Danis. If you want to keep up to date with his antics in the meantime, then make sure to follow him on his social media handles.

14. FaZe Sensei (a.k.a.) Isiah Ocasio-Pantoja

YouTube Channel

Subscribers/Followers: 811,000 (YouTube), 363,000 (Instagram)

Estimated Career Earnings: $350K (overall net worth)

Fight Record: Amateur (1 win - 0 loss - 0 draws) / Professional (0 win - 1 loss - 0 draws)

Amateur - vs Overtflow (Aug 25, 2018, Manchester) WIN

Professional - vs King Kenny (Aug 27, 2022, London) LOSS

Weight Class: Cruiserweight

Nickname: "FaZe Sensei"

Career Highlights: Sensei made his amateur boxing debut on the undercard of KSI vs Logan Paul I, landing a third-round TKO victory against Twitch streamer Overtflow. 

He fought in his first professional bout in 2022 against British musician and YouTube star King Kenny, narrowly losing via split decision after four close rounds.

Born: February 24, 1994 (London, England, UK)

Bio: A 31-year-old living in the United States, Sensei rose to YouTube fame after producing gaming commentaries. He is Christian by faith and loves nature, frequently posting pictures of his adventures to beautiful destinations on his Instagram. He is a member of the esports organization FaZe Clan.

Growing up, he was heavily involved in martial arts training and even set up his own fitness group based on the sport, named FaZe Fitness, in 2015. Since dabbling in boxing, FaZe has taken part in three matches, but they haven't been evenly matched, hence only one win out of three.

What’s next?: FaZe does not appear to have uploaded any martial arts videos for a while and instead is focusing more on his commentary work. He is currently uploading a lot of videos where he reacts to other YouTubers, possibly to network more widely than he was doing previously. 

However, new matches are currently being teased, so we can expect to see him back in the ring soon. We just hope that he can secure a win to improve his current fight record.

What Next for YouTube Boxing?

They're just getting started.

Our list features some of the most notable YouTubers in boxing, but that list could be much, much bigger. The likes of Joe Weller and Austin McBroom miss out on our list as they appear to have ended their interest in competing, but that could all change.

Despite its detractors, it's obvious that YouTuber boxing is here to stay and we can expect to see many more YouTubers and social media stars enter the world of boxing. Some show a decent amount of skill, and victories over MMA fighters for the likes of Jake Paul - who seems genuinely intent to progress in boxing - have given the crossover sport a sense of legitimacy. 

Whether it's for personal gain, or as a creative opportunity to raise money for charity, it's undeniable that the phenomenon has had an impact on the popularity of the sport, especially amongst a younger audience. 

The fact that serious boxers and martial artists, such as legends Floyd Mayweather Jr and Anderson Silva, have been willing to step into the ring with these guys, certainly shows that it's an opportunity to make money, at the very least! The PPV figures speak for themselves, legitimate boxing promoters all want a piece of the pie and sports broadcasters such as DAZN regularly broadcast their events.

Don't be surprised to see the likes of Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, and Andrew Tate enter the world of YouTuber crossover boxing sometime in the future.

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