BetMGM Out Of The Traps In 2024 With Big-Name Super Bowl Ad To Rival Fanduel’s Kick Of Destiny 2

BetMGM Superbowl Ad
Published by NYSB Staff
Last Updated: 12. Mar 2024.

BetMGM recently unveiled plans for its Super Bowl LVIII ad campaign fronted by a trio of high-profile stars from the worlds of sport and entertainment.

More of the top NFL sportsbooks are set to unveil their Super Bowl broadcast promotions, but what value will they get from laying out mega bucks to have their product associated with the biggest game of the year?

The 2023 BetMGM Super Bowl Adverts

In its first-ever Super Bowl advert, BetMGM has teamed up Tom Brady with Vince Vaughn ahead of this season’s Big Game in Vegas.

Brady and Vaughn are said to have been close buddies for some time. The former quarterback and the Hollywood A-lister have already lined up together in a BetMGM teaser appearing on the brand’s channels from January 17.

NHL superstar Wayne Gretzky is set to appear alongside the pair for what will be a series of promotions on TV and other platforms planned by BetMGM.

FanDuel Promo

Celebrity Fusion in BetMGM's Advertising Strategy

Vaughn is best known for his comedy acting roles including “Wedding Crashers” and “Dodgeball” actor while Brady is a five-time Super Bowl MVP and has lifted the Vince Lombardi trophy on seven occasions. Gretzky needs little introduction as the player widely considered to be the greatest in NHL history.

The campaign builds on BetMGM’s ongoing strategy to bring sports betting to a wider audience by fusing the wider world of sports and entertainment. Jamie Foxx has long been a brand ambassador for the joint venture between MGM and Entain Holdings alongside the likes of comedian Chris Rock, NBA star Jalen Rose and football legend Barry Sanders.

Still In Its Infancy - Sports Betting And Super Bowl Advertising

The 2024 BetMGM Super Bowl promotional drive aims to emulate the success of FanDuel’s “Kick of Destiny” ad from last year.

As part of their strategy to dominate the digital sports betting landscape, BetMGM has made significant strides in expanding their partnership with major sports leagues, including the NHL. This move not only strengthens their position in North American markets but also aligns with their goal of becoming a dominant global sports betting brand.

The FanDuel slot featured Rob Gronkowski aiming to kick a 25-yard field goal while inviting viewers to predict whether the record-setting tight end would be successful. Those who called it right were rewarded with free bets. It was the first live ad in Super Bowl history. Gronk will be back this year alongside FanDuel for a second go, billed as “Kick of Destiny 2”.

Legislation and the Future of Sports Betting Advertising

As the USA adjusts its national thinking to a new era of legalized sports betting in many states, the concept of gambling adverts remains a contentious one. There have already been attempts made in Congress to introduce an outright ban on sportsbook advertising on broadcast and electronic communications.

BetMGM Promo

The High Stakes of Super Bowl Advertising

As things stand, an advert on Super Bowl day is a much sought-after opportunity for brands from all walks of life now including sports betting. The event is one of the most-watched sporting events on the calendar with an estimated 100 million people tuning in for the 2023 edition. A spot in the commercial breaks can reach an audience unmatched for much of the year.

It was widely reported in November 2023 that CBS and Paramount+ this year’s live broadcaster and streaming platform respectively had already sold all of their Super Bowl advertising slots.

Competitive Moves in the Sportsbook Industry

Elsewhere in the sportsbook world, we’ve yet to see what DraftKings has up its sleeve to follow up on last year’s all-star lineup that featured Kevin Hart, the Undertaker and a host of other well-known athletes.

Caesars debuted its maiden Super Bowl advert back in 2022 with a suitable Roman theme starring Halle Berry as Cleopatra. There’s no sign yet as to what the Emperor might have planned for Super Bowl 58.

Watch Out For Super Bowl LVIII Promotions

The rest of New York’s best sportsbooks will also all have a frenzy of promotional activity in the battle to prise dollars from the purses of Super Bowl bettors so keep a close eye on what’s on offer as February 11 draws closer.

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