The World’s Most Followed Sports Stars On Instagram

World's Most Followed Sports Stars
Published by NYSB Staff
Last Updated: 11. Jul 2024.

In the age of social media, Instagram has become a powerful platform for athletes to connect with fans and showcase their lives beyond the game. From training sessions and match highlights to personal moments and brand partnerships, these athletes offer a fascinating glimpse into their world. 

In this article, we rank the world’s most followed sports stars on Instagram, highlighting how they engage their massive audiences. So join us as we explore the biggest sporting heroes dominating the platform and captivating millions with their posts.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Followers: 632 million


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram is a dynamic mix of his professional and personal life. He shares behind-the-scenes training sessions and intense moments from matches, giving fans a front-row seat to his football journey, including his participation in Euro 2024 with Portugal. Off the pitch, Ronaldo often posts heartwarming photos with his kids, showing a softer side that resonates with his followers. 

He’s not just the most followed sports star on Instagram; Rolando’s account has the most followers of any on the platform. Whether they’re about football, family, or other interests, Ronaldo’s posts average around 8 million likes and attract tens of thousands of comments, highlighting his immense popularity and strong connection with his audience.

2. Lionel Messi

Followers: 503 million


Lionel Messi’s Instagram is a treasure trove for his 503 million followers, especially with his recent gameplay photos showcasing his incredible performances with Argentina. He currently holds the record for the most liked post on Instagram, celebrating his World Cup victory, a testament to his global popularity.

Messi frequently collaborates with Adidas, sharing stylish and athletic posts that highlight his long-standing partnership with the brand. His training pictures offer fans a glimpse into his rigorous preparation and dedication. 

For those interested in betting on soccer, keeping up with Messi's updates can offer a look behind the scenes of the MLS and international competitions. His posts consistently draw high engagement, reflecting his immense influence and connection with fans worldwide.

Messi’s account also features various brand partnerships, with a notable collaboration with Mastercard. He often shares squad photos, capturing the camaraderie and spirit of his team. Messi has also been promoting his new drink, MasByMessi, which has become a popular feature on his feed. His posts consistently draw high engagement, reflecting his immense influence and connection with fans worldwide.

3. Virat Kohli

Followers: 269 million


Virat Kohli’s Instagram is a vibrant blend of cricket, family, and inspiration for his 269 million followers. His feed is filled with numerous brand posts, reflecting his wide range of endorsements and collaborations. Kohli shares squad photos that capture the camaraderie and spirit of his cricketing journey. 

Known for his motivational presence, he often posts inspirational quotes that resonate deeply with his massive fan base, both in India and globally. His account also features endearing photos with his wife, Anushka Sharma, showcasing his personal side. From match highlights to personal moments, Kohli’s Instagram offers a comprehensive view of his life, engaging fans with every post.

4. Neymar

Followers: 222 million


Neymar’s Instagram is a dynamic showcase of his life, captivating 222 million followers with diverse content. His feed prominently features brand partnerships, reflecting his status as a global icon. Neymar shares heartwarming family pictures, offering glimpses into his personal life. 

Training videos are a staple on his account, highlighting his dedication and athleticism. His posts also celebrate his numerous trophies, emphasizing his success on the field. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate his regular updates on his workout routines. Each post garners millions of likes, demonstrating his widespread appeal and the strong connection he maintains with his fans.

5. Lebron James

Followers: 159 million


LeBron James, an NBA superstar, captivates his 159 million Instagram followers with a compelling mix of content. His feed is rich with clips from interviews, where he shares insights into his career and personal life, giving fans a deeper understanding of his journey. LeBron frequently posts about his brand partnerships, highlighting his collaborations with various companies and showcasing his influence beyond basketball. 

Game action shots and highlights are also popular on his account, reflecting his on-court prowess and dedication to the sport. Resonating with millions of fans worldwide, James’ Instagram posts emphasize his status as one of the most influential athletes in the world and have positioned him as the highest earning US sports star on Instagram.

6. Kylian Mbappé

Followers: 118 million


Kylian Mbappé’s Instagram is a vibrant mix of soccer excellence and personal moments, captivating his 118 million followers. His feed is filled with dynamic soccer and training photos, showcasing his skills and dedication on the field. Mbappé frequently shares images of his trophies and awards, celebrating his numerous achievements as both an individual player and with the PSG team.

He also posts photos with fans, highlighting his connection and gratitude towards his supporters. Off the pitch, Mbappé’s account features his leisure activities, offering a glimpse into his life beyond soccer. Each post reflects his youthful energy and passion, making his Instagram a must-follow for soccer enthusiasts.

7. Karim Benzema

Followers: 77 million


Karim Benzema's Instagram is a captivating mix for his 77 million followers. He regularly posts highlights from his soccer matches and training sessions, showcasing his dedication and skill. Benzema shares images of his achievements, like winning the 2022 Ballon d’Or, which are some of his most liked posts.

His account also features moments with fans, highlighting his gratitude and connection with his supporters. Off the field, Benzema shares his leisure activities, personal interests, and stylish outfits, offering a well-rounded view of his life. Each update reflects his commitment to soccer and his multifaceted personality.

8. Marcelo

Followers: 68 million


Marcelo’s Instagram is a go-to for soccer fans, filled with dynamic content that highlights his professional journey. He frequently posts match highlights, giving followers a front-row seat to his impressive performances. His training session updates provide a glimpse into the hard work behind his success. Marcelo also shares candid moments with his teammates, showcasing the strong bonds within the team. 

While his posts are predominantly soccer-related, he occasionally shares personal snippets, adding a touch of his off-field life. Marcelo’s engaging content keeps his 68 million followers connected to his soccer passion.

9. Sergio Ramos

Followers: 63.6 million


Sergio Ramos’s Instagram is a vibrant mix of personal and professional highlights. He frequently shares heartwarming posts featuring his family, giving followers a glimpse into his life off the field. His account is also adorned with trophies, celebrating his many accomplishments in soccer. Sports shots capture his dynamic presence on the field, showcasing his skills and dedication. 

Additionally, Ramos's brand partnerships are prominently featured, reflecting his influence beyond the sport. His diverse content keeps his 63.6 million followers engaged and connected to both his career and personal life.

10. Mo Salah

Followers: 63.2 million


Mo Salah’s Instagram offers a delightful blend of personal and professional moments for his 63.2 million followers. His feed is rich with family photos, showcasing his life beyond the pitch and his deep connection with loved ones. Vacation pictures highlight his travel experiences, offering fans a glimpse into his downtime and favorite destinations. 

Soccer remains a central theme, with plenty of action shots capturing his incredible career success, including his key moments with Liverpool FC and the Egyptian national team. Salah’s posts provide a well-rounded view of his life, balancing his roles as a dedicated family man and a top-tier soccer player. Each post reflects his journey, dedication, and the joy he finds both on and off the field.

11. Paul Pogba

Followers: 61.5 million


Paul Pogba’s Instagram is a vibrant reflection of his life and career, engaging his 62 million followers with diverse content. Training sessions are a common feature, showcasing his dedication and preparation for soccer matches. Pogba also highlights his charitable work, sharing images from various initiatives and events he's supported, demonstrating his commitment to giving back. 

Family photos offer a personal glimpse into his life, adding a touch of warmth and relatability. His account is also filled with exciting soccer match photography, capturing key moments of his career. Pogba’s posts offer a comprehensive view of his multifaceted life, both on and off the pitch.

12. Paulo Dybala

Followers: 57.8 million


Paulo Dybala’s Instagram is a colorful blend of style and substance, engaging 57.8 million followers. Known for his fashion-forward posts, Dybala regularly showcases his stylish outfits, reflecting his impeccable taste. His feed also offers a glimpse into his personal life with charming photos featuring his girlfriend, adding a romantic touch. 

Soccer fans can enjoy plenty of team snapshots and match highlights, capturing his passion and dedication to the sport. He also shares photos with his dogs which add a sense of home to this profile. Dybala’s Instagram beautifully balances his professional achievements with his personal joys.

13. Stephen Curry

Followers: 56.5 million


Stephen Curry’s Instagram offers an exciting glimpse into his life both on and off the basketball court for his 56.5 million followers. His feed is rich with sports photos, capturing his remarkable moments and highlights from games. Curry also shares heartfelt family pictures, showcasing his role as a dedicated husband and father. 

For those who follow the NBA more closely, the best NBA sportsbooks offer insights and betting odds to give you an extra layer of engagement with popular NBA stars. Promos and partnerships frequently appear, highlighting his collaborations and merchandise, reflecting his influence beyond the NBA. Curry’s Instagram is a perfect blend of athletic excellence, personal life, and business ventures, making it a captivating follow for fans.

14. James Rodriguez

Followers: 51.7 million


James Rodríguez’s Instagram is a must-follow for soccer enthusiasts. His feed is rich with soccer-related content, including match highlights and intense training sessions that showcase his dedication and talent. He frequently shares updates about his “Ahead of Time” documentary, providing an in-depth look into his life and career. Selfies and personal photos add a relatable and engaging touch, allowing fans to connect with him on a more personal level. Rodríguez’s posts offer a comprehensive view of his professional journey and personal interests.

15. Luis Suarez

Followers: 48.8 million


Luis Suárez’s Instagram is a lively mix of professional and personal highlights. His feed prominently features soccer photos, capturing his on-field prowess and passion. Brand collaborations are also a significant part of his posts, reflecting his influence off the field. Suárez shares heartwarming pictures with his family, offering a glimpse into his personal life. 

He frequently celebrates milestones like scoring 500 goals and showcases his numerous awards and trophies. Photos in his team’s kit further emphasize his commitment to soccer, making his Instagram a vibrant and engaging follow for fans.

16. MS Dhoni

Followers: 48.3 million


MS Dhoni’s Instagram offers a fascinating look into his diverse interests and life beyond cricket. His feed is filled with numerous posts about animals, especially his many beloved dogs, reflecting his passion for pets. Sports shots capture his enduring connection to cricket, showcasing his involvement in the sport. Dhoni also shares moments with his family, highlighting his personal side. 

Additionally, his account features posts about receiving various awards, celebrating his achievements and contributions to the sport. Dhoni’s Instagram provides a well-rounded view of his multifaceted life.

17. Vinicius Jr. 

Followers: 48.2 million


Vinicius Jr.’s Instagram beautifully showcases his vibrant soccer career and personal interests. His feed is filled with dynamic soccer posts, capturing his passion and skill on the field. He frequently highlights his brand partnerships, reflecting his influence off the pitch. Celebrations of his numerous trophies are also a key feature, underscoring his achievements. 

Vinicius also shares engaging soccer video game clips, adding a fun and interactive element for his followers. His Instagram seamlessly blends professional highlights with personal touches, making it an engaging and exciting follow.

18. Conor McGregor 

Followers: 47.6 million


Conor McGregor’s Instagram offers a captivating look into his life as both a fighter and a family man. His feed features numerous family photos, giving a personal touch to his public persona. McGregor also shares clips from his matches and training videos in the ring, showcasing his prowess in MMA. Celebratory posts of his championship belts highlight his achievements. 

He frequently posts interviews, providing fans with insights into his career and mindset ahead of matchups. For those interested in betting on UFC matchups, McGregor’s updates can provide valuable context and excitement. Brand sponsorships are also visible on his profile, reflecting his extensive influence in and out of the ring. McGregor’s Instagram is a blend of personal moments and professional highlights, making it a compelling follow.

19. Andres Iniesta 

Followers: 43.4 million


Andrés Iniesta’s Instagram offers a heartfelt glimpse into his life, focusing heavily on family moments. He regularly shares photos with his family, celebrating special occasions like birthdays. Sports posts highlight his ongoing involvement in soccer, including training pictures and moments of victory with trophies. 

Sponsorship deals also feature prominently, reflecting his enduring influence in the sports world. Iniesta’s blend of personal and professional content provides fans with a well-rounded view of his life, making his Instagram a warm and engaging follow.

20. Antoine Griezmann 

Followers: 41 million


Antoine Griezmann’s Instagram provides a captivating glimpse into his life as a top footballer. The feed is packed with dynamic training photos and exhilarating game snapshots, showcasing his dedication to the sport. Team spirit is a recurring theme, with numerous posts featuring his squad, highlighting the camaraderie and friendships built on the field. 

His collaborations with major brands like Puma add a commercial flair, reflecting his significant market appeal. Griezmann’s Instagram artfully balances professional insights and personal connections, offering followers an engaging look at his world.

Gain Insights from Following Top Sports Stars on Instagram

The Instagram profiles of top sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and others offer a fascinating glimpse into their lives both on and off the field. These athletes share a blend of personal moments, intense training sessions, brand partnerships, and game highlights, keeping fans engaged and inspired. 

Monitoring athletes across a range of different sports and staying updated on their activities via Instagram can provide unique and often valuable insights. Whether helping to guide your picks at the top NY sportsbooks, or simply as a way to get closer to the action as a fan, following the biggest names in sports can be a great way to enhance your experience and enjoyment of your favorite competitions.

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