Can the New York Giants Make the Playoffs?

New York Giants Make the Playoffs?
Published by NYSB Staff
Last Updated: 30. Dec 2022.

The football season is gradually coming to a close and with the playoffs on the horizon, there are still plenty of teams in the running for a spot. The New York Giants are sure to fancy their chances in such a tight field. Find out if the New York Giants can make the playoffs, some of the teams threatening their chances and what the Giants can do to secure their place on the road to the Superbowl. 

Can the New York Giants make the playoffs?

 As things stand, the Giants are in a great position to make the playoffs. Hanging on tight for the win against fellow playoff rivals the Washington Commanders was a fantastic show of force and secured sixth place in the NFC. The competition is still tight, however, with plenty of teams lapping at their heels. 

Having won six of the first seven games this season, the Giants looked a shoo-in for the postseason. However, poor results against the Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles threw this all into question. A return to form against the Washington Commanders (especially after an imperious second-quarter performance) is just what the New York side needed to get back on track. 

What do the New York Giants need to do?

The New York Giants have three games left in the season, against the Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts and the Philadelphia Eagles in that order. These are some tough matches, with the Eagles currently 13-1 for the season and the Vikings 11-3. Winning just one of these matches would be a real show of strength, and the Colts’ 4-9-1 record is nothing to fear. 

After a blazing start, the rest of the season is something that the Giants are looking to survive. A stalling season can be a serious problem if a coaching team and the players let it evolve into one. Recent performances from the New York team will tell viewers that this isn’t something they need to worry about. 

Who else is in contention?

There are a few other teams in contention for the playoffs, with the Giants currently hovering over the edge of a precipice. The Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys all have secure places, with the following teams fighting the New York Giants to wrap up a place in the playoffs.

Washington Commanders

The match between the Commanders and the Giants could have been decisive in the race for the playoffs. The Giants’ win over the Commanders secured them a foothold in the NFC Playoff race, as the two are fighting it out in the toughest division that the NFC has this season. Facing the 49ers and Cowboys won’t be fun prospects for a side needing wins, even with the Cleveland Browns in the middle. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As leaders of their division, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are having a bit of luck. The Buccaneers are in the easiest division of them all and know that winning their group secures a place in the playoffs, but even then they’re only leading by a single win. If this team do make it through it will be at the expense of the Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints or the Atlanta Falcons rather than the Giants. 

Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks bottling this playoff run could be one of the shocks of the season. The team has lost four of the last five games, barely stumbling to a place of potential qualification by the end of the season. An incredibly narrow loss to a weak Carolina Panthers side will especially hurt. If the Seahawks can turn things around against the Kansas City Chiefs and build from there against the New York Jets and Los Angeles Rams, there’s some potential to scrape through.

Detroit Lions

Detroit’s finest are currently 7-7 and will need some results to close out the season if they want to get a playoff berth. After losing six of the first seven, the Lions have made an incredible comeback throughout the season winning six of their most recent seven matches. Closing the season against the Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears could be the perfect runway for takeoff – destination playoffs. 

Green Bay Packers

Of all the teams that are fighting to secure a place in the playoffs, it’s the Packers that are desperate for something to go their way. All of the teams that are through already have at least ten wins, whereas the Packers have just five. With the LA Rams and Miami Dolphins to play before the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions, the Packers need to try to win everything. 

Will the Giants make it?

The New York Giants are looking for their first playoff appearance since 2016. This drought has been incredibly serious for the Giants, as they previously had a streak of playoff appearances from 2005 to 2008. They’ll be hoping that this is the start of a brand new hot streak for the Big Blue.

There’s an old soccer adage “You have to beat the teams around you”. The Vikings and Eagles also sit towards the top of their respective tables and are a serious threat that, if the Giants beat, will be a serious show of intent. Brian Daboll and his roster seem hungry since they’re bringing the playoffs to the Big Apple.

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