BetMGM Partners With X - What Does It Mean For Sports Fans And Bettors?

BetMGM X Partnership
Published by NYSB Staff
Last Updated: 15. Feb 2024.

In a groundbreaking move, BetMGM and X moved to confirm recent rumors by announcing a partnership that will see the betting brand become the social media platform’s official sports betting content provider.

BetMGM officially announced the tie-in on Friday, February 9 as X (formerly Twitter) will begin displaying BetMGM’s NFL game content and odds.

The deal is huge for one for the direction of sports betting in the US and as the first mover into the gigantic space of established social media, BetMGM looks to have stolen a significant march on its rivals.

What The Betmgm-X Deal Means For Bettors And Social Media Users

Users won’t be able to place bets directly on X though, instead its content will direct them to BetMGM’s website and apps for placing wagers and only in jurisdictions where it’s legal to do so.

BetMGM highlighted that the partnership will allow for a “seamless transition” between those seeking sports content, stats and odds information via social media and enable them to place bets with ease.

The timing of the announcement was notable, coming just before the Super Bowl - the biggest event in the sports and sports betting calendar. As one of the top NFL sportsbooks, BetMGM had already gone big on its Big Game promotional activity in the build-up and this move was the icing on top.

Enhancing Fan Engagement & Interaction

It’s a development that can only enhance pre-game and in-game interest for football fans who devour content on social media. It also opens up a wider world of interaction between sports fanatics, a move the brand will hope helps it to compete with the best sports betting sites in NY and throughout the country.

The ability to engage in debate on a top-tier platform is a leap ahead of the current sports betting social offerings. which to some have become stale, based around specialist websites and forums. The sportsbooks’ own social ventures have been equally limited.

When asked about acquiring new users and the brand’s larger strategy during a recent interview with CNBC, BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt said, “2024 is an investment year for BetMGM, you will see more of us, more often. We’re going to elevate the brand, invest in the brand. This work that we’re going to be doing with X is consistent with that.”

Speaking about BetMGM’s other efforts to reach more customers, he added. “We’ve also announced, last year, our partnership with Marriott where they have a database of 186 million people, that will allow BetMGM to reach the biggest possible audience in ‘24.”

BetMGM & X - A Venture Not Without A Little Controversy

As betting on sports becomes ever more established across the nation, so too do concerns about its steady progression into the mainstream. Concern about the pace of the incredible growth in online betting shows no sign of abating.

X and its owner Elon Musk are not without well-publicized controversy in the first place either. The current world’s richest man has been accused of attempting to shape the social media behemoth in his own image.

A Timely Boost Amid Revenue Challenges

It also has to be noted that advertising revenues on what was Twitter have also been in freefall. The boost from linking up with BetMGM - one of the most innovative gaming and gambling companies of late - is a timely one.

As TV channels and online content increasingly become awash with new betting commercials, the move into the social media stratosphere will be watched with interest and a healthy dose of caution.

Setting the Stage for Future Developments

Ultimately, the BetMGM-X venture is the torch bearer for developments in the wider sports betting industry. ESPNBet and Fanatics are making their move across the US. Both are mainstream sports brands with a presence way beyond betting alone. BetMGM has recognised this and has planted its golden flag - lion and all - firmly in the sand.

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