How to Bet On Super Bowl 58 2024

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Last Updated: 09. Feb 2024.

The biggest sporting event in the calendar is advancing quickly as Las Vegas plays host to the Super Bowl for the first time. Sin City's Allegiant Stadium is the venue for Super Bowl LVIII which takes place on Sunday 11 February.

It already seems like an age since sports betting was legalized in multiple US states. As the gambling mecca of the world prepares to stage the 2024 NFL Championship Game, Vegas still seems a fitting locale for what will be the foremost betting spectacle of the year. Maybe the only question is, how did it take so long to land in Sin City?

The sportsbooks have long since posted their opening odds for who will win the 58th edition of the Big Game. Many will be placing their wagers ahead of time while others will keep a close eye on how the qualifying rounds play out.

So, as sharks and newbies alike shop the lines, in an event in which you can bet on everything from the Vince Lombardi Trophy winners to how long the rendition of the Stars and Stripes will last, what should you look out for when choosing the best bets for the 2024 Super Bowl?

Best 2024 Super Bowl Betting Sites

The best sportsbooks for betting on Super Bowl 58 are BetMGM, FanDuel, and Caesars. BetMGM leads with the best Super Bowl betting bonus, FanDuel is recommended for those who take action early, and Caesars offers the best odds for prop bets and long-shot parlays. For deeper analysis check the ranking list below.

When it comes to Super Bowl betting, you can’t go wrong checking out the best NFL betting sites in New York and the current promos they have running.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Welcome Bonus: Get Up To $1000 In Bonus Bets

Promo Code: NYSBMGM

In dollar terms, BetMGM’s new customer offer is one of the biggest around when taken to the max. So, if you only go "big" once a year - i.e. for the Super Bowl - BetMGM will bolster your bankroll nicely in the buildup. Each year, BetMGM Sportsbook also stocks its armory of Super Bowl deals with free-to-play prediction prize competitions. Even if you don’t land the top prize, there’s a bundle of free bets and other bonuses on offer. BetMGM is also one of the strongest betting sites for its breadth of same-game parlay options and top-of-the-market odds.

FanDuel Sportsbook

Welcome Bonus: Bet $5, Get $150 In Bonus Bets

Promo Code: Click to Claim

The Granddaddy of football betting in the US, FanDuel is unashamedly proud of its enormous presence. FanDuel has some serious financial firepower to outmuscle most other betting sites when it comes to Super Bowl promos. It also has the biggest assortment of Super Bowl matchups and forecasts where users can predict every possible outcome. FanDuel is often lightyears ahead of other sportsbooks for posting odds so its lines are super sharp and attuned to reward those who get in early with their lucky picks.

Caesars Sportsbook

Welcome Bonus: Up to $1,000 back if our first wager loses

Promo Code: SAFEBET1000

The Emperor unveils its new clothes each year for the Super Bowl with a plethora of promos and competitions. Caesars Sportsbook NY Super Bowl prop betting catalog is enormous and its long-shot parlay offers have some of the best odds there are with bonuses to boot for those who win. If you can’t make it to one of the three Caesars properties in Vegas for Super Bowl 58 (and demand has been huge) there are three Caesars retail sportsbooks in the State of New York. They are Turning Stone, Point Place, and Yellow Brick Road - ideal for those who like to watch the Super Bowl on the big screen and place a bet in person.

Super Bowl 58 Favorites

Super Bowl spread:

Kansas City Chiefs (+2.5) vs. San Francisco 49ers (-2.5)

Super Bowl moneyline:

Kansas City Chiefs (+102) vs. San Francisco 49ers (-120)

Super Bowl total:

Over 47.5 (-110), Under 47.5 (-110)

How to Read Super Bowl Lines

The most popular bet types for the Super Bowl are as they are for any football game. That’s moneylines, point spreads, and totals.

Because of the enormous interest in the Super Bowl, and the huge sums of money placed in wagers on the league championship showpiece, sportsbooks will set lines earlier than any other football game and they will move often while being subject to a relatively high level of volatility.

For that reason, and certain other factors, it pays to effectively read and understand Super Bowl lines. Here’s an overview of how the odds for the main Super Bowl bet types tend to behave and what to look for.


A moneyline bet is a wager on the team to win a game. Super Bowl moneyline odds were already available at the top sports betting sites by last September. Admittedly, they’re technically known as “futures” that far in advance. Savvy Big Game bettors can make a killing by getting in on the Super Bowl action so early if they hit on the eventual winner.

For example, you could get +900 and above for the 49ers to claim a sixth Super Bowl title had you backed them in the fall of 2023. By mid-January, you’d have been lucky to get +200 on the San Fran team to win Super Bowl LVIII.

It’s important to note that public money (the amount of dollars placed on either side of the game) plays a huge part in Super Bowl moneyline odds. That means when there’s a team favored by the bulk of both the public and betting sharks (pro bettors who place big stakes) the odds for them to win will be shorter than their realistic chance. In the last 10 editions of the Super Bowl, the underdog has won 60% of the time so the “favorite” tag often doesn’t mean as much compared with other NFL games.

Moreover, In Super Bowl history, there have also been lengthy consecutive stretches of the favorites losing year after year. The motto then is when you’re reading straight up "to win" lines, a cool head is required so as not to be swayed by the most heavily fancied team.

Here’s an example of how moneyline betting worked for the 2023 Super Bowl with odds roughly as they were when the markets closed ahead of the game starting:

Philadelphia -125 vs Kansas City +105

For that bet, a wager of $125 was required to return $100 profit by backing the Eagles while a bet of $105 was needed to be up $100 by backing the Chiefs.

Those close odds from last year proved to be quite accurate with Kansas City edging out Philadelphia by just three points with a final score of 38-35. As it happens, it was estimated that around 55% of the money bet preferred the Chiefs - so again the book odds for them as favorite reflected the amount of dollars staked by the public.

Point Spread

A point spread bet is one on the margin of victory. Sportsbooks will set the number of points they expect the favorite to at least win by. A team is said to have “covered the spread” when they win by more than the point spread. If that doesn’t happen, the bet loses.

It’s worth noting that the best NY sportsbooks will have their main point spread markets plus some alternate ones. Such bets will usually be higher than the standard point spread and so have better odds but with greater risk.

Here’s how that worked for Super Bowl LVI when the markets closed pre-game:

Philadelphia Eagles -1.5 favorite (odds -110) vs Kansas City Chiefs + 1.5 point underdog (odds -110)

Looking at that market, the oddsmakers expected the Eagles to win by 2 clear points (note the .5 which is used to avoid the "push" or the bet finishing as a tie). Ultimately, for Super Bowl 2023, Philadelphia didn’t cover the spread as they lost by 3 points.

Point spread lines will move in the build-up to the Super Bowl. The most that the points spread reached ahead of last year’s game was the Eagles at -2.5 (as above closed at -1.5). That made no difference in the end but illustrates that getting "on" the point spread at the right time can make or break your bet.

Point Total or Over/Under

A totals bet on the Super Bowl means predicting whether the final score will be over or under a points tally set by the sportsbook. It is the total points achieved by both teams combined. The result of the game is irrelevant.

There are some elementary strategies to consider when weighing up whether to bet on the under or over. If you think Super Bowl LVII will be a high-scoring affair then you might choose the over. If you believe defenses will come out on top then the under might look more appealing.

Here’s an example of how Super Bowl under/over betting worked for the low scoring 2019 edition, one that foxed the sportsbooks and prediction pundits alike:

Rams vs Patriots - over/under 56.5 - both sides odds of -110

Final score Rams 3 vs Patriots 13

With the benefit of hindsight, it was a bit of a crazy totals line to be set at 56.5. No Super Bowl before had ever reached more than a combined 57 points. Yet, 54% of bettors still took the over. The other “cautious” 46% then were actually the wise ones for keeping a cool head.

Like most betting lines, the biggest sportsbooks will begin firming up their totals markets as soon as the two teams who will contest the Super Bowl are known. Early money often comes from sharks - those who win regularly and often win big. Oddsmakers know all too well who these big bettors are and they’ll adjust the over/under based on their activity. If you see the total edge up or down, it can be worth jumping on the bet as to some extent that movement will reflect where the smart money is being put down.

Of course, the books factor in all manner of other metrics, including the season and most recent performances of each team, key player data and an element reflecting Super Bowl historical results. However, as far as that goes, consider that half of the last 10 Big Game results have gone over and half under. In other words, Super Bowl past total bet results are a bit of a coin toss.

Additional Super Bowl Betting Types

Super Bowl Prop Betting

Every sports betting operator now offers extensive game, team and player prop bets for all NFL games. But heck does that ramp up for the Super Bowl? That means the array of this bet type for the Big Game can seem bewildering. The danger with all that is to get over-excited at seeing some crazy props and end up betting blind.

Player prop bets are wagers on whether an individual who will take to the field will do better or worse than certain set metrics. Most betting sites focus on the “exceed” rather than the “fall short” measure. The best sportsbooks though now also offer “under” player prop bets.

Examples of just a few of the most popular player prop bets for the Super Bowl are whether either quarterback throws more or less than a certain number of yards and whether a kicker hits over or under a set number of field goals.

Team prop bets are a wager on whether a team will achieve a certain measure or not while game prop bets are about whether both sides will hit a milestone or whether a certain event will happen.

Examples of team and game prop bets might focus on total passing yards, the distance of the longest pass completion, the number of rushing yards, or whether there will be over a certain number of touchdowns.

Essentially, you have two strategic choices for selecting Super Bowl prop bets. First, arm yourself with some statistical knowledge to inform your pick. Second, have a little fun and go with your gut. If you opt for the latter, be sure to be responsible and bet small amounts you can easily afford.

Super Bowl Same Game Parlays

Same game parlay bets are just as they sound. They’re wagers made up of multiple individual bets, bundled together with the odds for each calculated for one overall price. And they’re parlays consisting of legs related to just one event - in this case the Super Bowl game. Same-game parlays are now so popular that in recent years they’ve accounted for up to a third of all Super Bowl bets.

The more legs you add to a same game parlay the bigger the odds. Again, it can be all too easy to get carried away, especially with the excitement surrounding the Super Bowl. It’s usually wise to limit the number of picks you add to a same-game parlay to perhaps four legs.

An example of a Super Bowl same-game parlay for the contest in 2022 (Cincinnati Bengals vs Los Angeles Rams) looked like below. With just three legs this parlay could have been considered as having a “realistic” chance and with big odds the prospect of a big payout:

Rams -4 on the point spread at odds of -110

Odell Beckham 80+ receiving yards at odds of +170

Tee Higgins 80+ receiving yards at odds of +140

Total odds - +1137

Betting on Super Bowl MVP

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award is always one of the most intriguing stories of the Super Bowl. Betting on who will be this year’s MVP is also a great way to find value outside of the ever-popular moneyline, spread and over/under markets.

The identity of the Super Bowl MVP is decided by a panel of 16 football writers and broadcasters. That can mean unexpected winners are not out of the question and so long shots in the odds are in the running. However, note that quarterbacks are usually the favorites to be crowned MVP.

Beyond the pair of starting QBs, and in no definite order, the players in those other positions most likely to make a standout contribution to the game are your alternative best bets for Super Bowl MVP. Wide receivers, running backs and any defensive player who makes a huge impact are those worth considering. Only once in Super Bowl history has a player from a losing team won the MVP award - another fact that has to influence your selection.

The usual approach to betting on the Super Bowl MVP is to select one player. You can though make a few picks, especially if you can make the odds work for you. For example, this might be backing one of the favorites plus a couple of carefully selected players at longer odds.

In 2023, Patrick Mahomes took home the MVP award after the quarterback starred for the Kansas City Chiefs as they came from behind to beat the Philadelphia Eagles. If you had gotten on Mahomes at the right time ahead of Super Bowl 57, his odds hit as high as +130 to be MVP. That would have had you up $30 for every $100 wagered.

Super Bowl Live Betting

All of the best sportsbooks will have live betting markets in-running once play gets underway. Live betting is a big deal for the Super Bowl as the betting public simply loves being involved in the action. Super Bowl live betting odds are fast-moving and will refresh based on exactly what is occurring on the field.

There will be the standard "to win" odds on offer along with point spread bets and totals in-play. You’ll also find a plethora of other things to bet on in order to predict what will happen in the next period and even the next passage of play.

Such live bets might include the team to be leading once the current quarter has concluded, who will score the next touchdown, and what the result of the next drive will be. Super Bowl in-play bets will be available late into the game too to maintain audience interest.

As an example of a Super Bowl live bet, you could expect to get huge odds, like +20000 or something equally mad, on an in-play spread if you jump on an unexpected final result at just the right time. It is important though not to get caught up in the action during the Super Bowl and not blow your budget on crazy live bets.

How to Bet on Super Bowl 58 Online

Choose a reputable sportsbook

Assure yourself that the sportsbook you're considering joining has a legal license with the state regulator. This will ensure your betting experience is safe and your details secure.

You can seek out reviews from both betting experts and regular customers to get a feel for a betting site’s reputation, and customer service and to find the best user experience.

Create an account

The process for registering as a new user and creating an account is largely the same for all sportsbooks.

Either download the app or access the operator’s website. Click on the “register" button and you’ll be prompted to enter some personal details.

This will include your name (ensure this is as it appears on any official ID documents), address, telephone number and email address.

You will also be asked for the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Betting operators ask for this information to verify your identity.

Deposit funds

All sportsbooks accept multiple payment methods, some more than others. Regardless, no matter your choice of betting site you’re sure to find at least one banking option to suit.

Betting sites will always have a minimum deposit amount. Most often this is $10.

Depositing funds into a betting account is straightforward. You select your funding source, enter the details and the amount to deposit and click to confirm. Deposits are almost always instantaneous though a few might take a little longer.

Choose bet type

Almost every sportsbook displays the three main popular bet types for every event listed - moneyline, point spread and total. There will then be a further option to click to display all of the other markets available for the game.

Generally, once you’ve selected your wager type, you simply have to click on the displayed odds to add the selection to the bet slip on your sportsbook account. If you’re building a parlay you would add multiple individual wagers to the bet slip.

There may be additional options available to change the bet type, for example, to turn a parlay into a teaser or round robin. You’ll then enter your chosen stake and a further click to confirm will place your bet.

Where You Can Place Your Bets in New York




del Lago Casino Resort

DraftKings Sportsbook


Resorts World Catskills

Sportsbook 360


Rivers Casino & Resort

Rivers Sportsbook


Tioga Downs

FanDuel Sportsbook


Point Place Casino

Lounge With Caesars


Turning Stone Resort & Casino

Lounge With Caesars


Yellow Brick Road Casino

Lounge With Caesars


Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort

Sticks Sports Book


Seneca Allegany Casino

Sports Lounge


Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino

Sports Lounge


Seneca Niagara Casino

Sports Lounge

Niagara Falls

Super Bowl Betting Tips & Strategy

Everyone who bets on the Super Bowl is in the hunt for winning tips and a successful betting strategy. And everyone who writes, talks and publishes content around the Super Bowl will try to tell you they know the magic formula. The likelihood is they don’t, but you can consider some simple Super Bowl betting approaches to increase your chances of success.

Line Shopping

The principles of line shopping should not be a mystery to anyone who places bets on the Super Bowl. Line shopping is simply comparing odds at more than one sportsbook to ensure your bet is placed at the best price.

Each sportsbook has its odds-setting strategies. Therefore, they will inevitably vary between betting sites and move at different times. Line shopping inevitably takes a little time, and professional sports bettors will invest considerable resources to find the best Super Bowl odds.

You don’t have to go to those lengths of course and you can just have accounts at a few sportsbooks and perform a quick like-for-like check before committing to a bet. Also, consider taking a look at a few odds comparison websites for a snapshot overview.

Consider probability and not just the odds

If Super Bowl odds are still a bit confusing, consider converting them to implied probability.

This will give you an indication of what the price on offer for your potential wager translates to in terms of what the sportsbook thinks are the chances of it winning.

For example, odds of -110 convert to an implied probability of 52.38%.

If you think your bet has better prospects than its implied probability, you might consider that you’ve identified a wager that has value. A bet with value is much sought after by “in the know” bettors.


Middling can be a very effective betting strategy. It’s hard to get middling right or even have the opportunity to employ it but many bettors don’t even give it a go and miss out entirely.

To hit the middle of a betting market means identifying price differences between online bookmakers and making them work in your favor. The best way to illustrate middling as an approach to Super Bowl betting is to consider a hypothetical example.

Say Sportsbook A offers a total bet at over/under 44.5 and sportsbook B has over/under 40.5. In this case, betting the middle would be to take under 44.5 and over 40.5. Doing so limits your success criteria to a total points tally of 41, 42, 43, and 44.

To put it concisely, the big advantage of this strategy in the example is that you can’t lose both bets either. You either win both or win one and will be up no matter the result.

Middling can become complicated and means constantly monitoring line movements at more than one betting site. That said, why not give it a try and keep an eye out for middling opportunities for the Super Bowl while you’re doing a little line shopping? You might just find a sweet spot and profit from it.

Take Full Advantage of Promos

Super Bowl season is the biggest time of year for betting sites to go all out to entice customer dollars with promos and offers.

There are two broad approaches to making the most of sportsbook betting promos for the Super Bowl.

First, you can take advantage of multiple promos by signing up to several sites and claiming the welcome offers at each. Some top sportsbooks don’t even require a significant outlay to get free bets in return.

Second, select the promos that will reward your chosen deposit levels and your bet types most advantageously. For example, if you’re going to go big on a Super Bowl parlay, you might opt for a matched deposit bonus whereby the sportsbook will hand you bonus funds equal to the amount you initially placed in your new account.

When Is Super Bowl 58?

Date: Sunday, February 11, 2024

Location: Allegiant Stadium - the home of the Las Vegas Raiders

Time: 15.30 PST, 18:30 EST, i.e. in New York

TV Network: host broadcaster CBS with live streaming also on Paramount+

Most Super Bowl Appearances


Number of Appearances

Number of Wins

Date of Last Appearance

New England Patriots



Won in 2019 over Los Angeles Rams

Pittsburgh Steelers



Lost in 2011 to Green Bay Packers

Dallas Cowboys



Won in 1995 over Pittsburgh Steelers

Denver Broncos



Won in 2015 over Carolina Panthers

San Francisco 49ers



Won in 1994 over San Diego Chargers

Previous Super Bowl Winners







Kansas City Chiefs

Philadelphia Eagles



Los Angeles Rams

Cincinnati Bengals



Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kansas City Chiefs



Kansas City Chiefs

San Francisco 49ers



New England Patriots

Los Angeles Rams



Philadelphia Eagles

New England Patriots



New England Patriots

Atlanta Falcons



Denver Broncos

Carolina Panthers



New England Patriots

Seattle Seahawks



Seattle Seahawks

Denver Broncos



Baltimore Ravens

San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl Betting FAQ

To place a bet on the Super Bowl, you’ll need to sign up with an online betting site and deposit funds. You can also bet in person at the New York retail sportsbooks listed above. Remember to take ID if you’ll be signing up for an account at an in-person location for the first time.

You can legally bet on the Super Bowl at any of the sportsbooks licensed to operate in the state you reside in.

This is a matter of personal choice and most importantly, always bet within your limits. Only wager what you can afford to lose.

Super Bowl betting lines are another way of describing the odds. Odds are sometimes referred to as lines as they are subject to change and move up or down in relation to market behavior and other factors relevant to the event.

According to the American Gambling Association, the total amount bet on the 2023 Super Bowl was expected to reach $16 billion.

The most popular bets for the Super Bowl are always the point spread, moneyline and over/under. There are lots of other bet types available for every Super Bowl.

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